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Jan Nyrop

Jan Nyrop
Jan Nyrop,
photo by J. Ogrodnick

Jan Nyrop began his career at the Experiment Station in 1982 as an Extension associate in the IPM Program and moved into a faculty position in entomology three years later. His improvements on sampling techniques and thresholds for three major mite and insect pests of apple in the late 1980s continue to make a valuable contribution to the New York apple IPM program. More recently, his work on predatory mite releases in orchards and vineyards is having a major impact on fruit growers throughout the Northeast.

Nyrop earned a bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology from the University of Maine, two master’s degrees–one in entomology and one in systems science–from Michigan State University, and a doctorate in entomology, also from Michigan State. He describes his own research focus as the "population ecology of arthropod pests of horticultural crops and their natural enemies."