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Jennifer Jens

Jennifer Jens & Charlie Scheer.  Photo: S. Cheshire
Jennifer Jens and Charlie Scheer.  Photo: S. Cheshire

Jennifer Jens, owner of IPM Consulting, works with nursery and greenhouse growers on Long Island to find IPM solutions. According to Cornell Cooperative Extension nursery specialist Scott Clark, she has "...won the respect of the growers because of her knowledge of IPM and her sensible approach to pest management." Clark has seen several growers on Long Island significantly reduce their pest management costs and their pesticide use with Jens’s assistance.

Jens became involved with IPM in 1993. She worked for Extension as a research associate and then as the county scout and was instrumental in helping to fine-tune monitoring programs for a variety of field- and container-grown nursery crops. Her experience with horticulture goes back to her childhood. She grew up in a family with a greenhouse business. Jens went on to earn an associate’s degree in landscape design at SUNY-Farmingdale and a bachelor’s degree in ornamental horticulture at The Pennsylvania State University.