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Christmas Tree Farmers Association of NY

Christmas Tree Grower Group Earns Excellence in IPM Award

by Mary Woodsen

Christmas Tree Farmers Association of NY

Christmas tree growers face a daunting array of pests. That’s why they seek the best information they can get on preventive tactics such as scouting for pests, planting ground covers that suppress weeds, and biological controls. And that’s where IPM — Integrated Pest Management — comes into play.

“Christmas tree growers ask for IPM programing for winter and summer crop schools, conferences, and tours,” says Betsy Lamb, ornamental crops coordinator for the New York State IPM Program (NYS IPM). “We couldn’t feel more appreciated.”

Now this proactive approach has earned Christmas Tree Growers Association of New York an NYS IPM Excellence in IPM award.

“IPM programming has been a huge help to my members,” says Mary Jeanne Packer, executive director of the Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York — the CTFANY. “New York produced a million fresh-cut Christmas trees in 2012. That’s a $30 million contribution to New York’s economy at wholesale prices.”

Whatever it takes to keep their industry environmentally and economically sustainable, Packer says, is an asset to her members.

The CTFANY received its award on January 24 at its annual winter convention in Liverpool, NY.