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Chuck Mohler

by Curt Petzoldt

Dr. Charles "Chuck" Mohler is a Senior Research Associate in the Department of Crop and Soil Science at Cornell.

Chuck has spent a large part of his career conducting research and developing resources to increase farmers' success managing weeds. His approach integrates knowledge of weed biology, rotations, and cover crops in a multi-year approach to weed management. Chuck's work has made major contributions toward truly integrated weed management strategies.

The information Chuck has developed benefits both organic and conventional farmers. No farmer can afford to rely primarily on one weed management technique, whether it's cultivation or herbicides. His excellent presentations, thoughtful insights, and the resources he has developed or contributed to have benefited farmers throughout the U.S.

He has authored and contributed to many resources that farmers use for weed management information and is a sought after speaker anywhere farmers want to know about weed management strategies.

He has cooperated with farmers in his research and many indicate that they have benefited greatly by applying the knowledge that has been gained from his work on their farm. The insights he has gained and shared have been an important factor in the advancement of non-chemical weed control on farms across the country. His organic transition trial at Cornell's Musgrave farm has been an important demonstration and teaching tool for organic farmers.

Chuck has managed Cornell's long term Organic Cropping Systems project (OCS). He has been able to focus the diverse interests of soil scientists, pathologists, entomologists, economists, weed ecologists, plus farmers on the research team and advisory committee, on the project's primary objective—determining the impact of different aspects of soil management on weeds, disease and insects.